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I was diagnosed years ago with Hashimoto's disease. This is my own story transforming from sickness to health. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease which causes one’s immune system to attack your thyroid. The thyroid becomes under active. The body’s antibodies become elevated. and the thyroid stops producing enough hormones. medication brought on awful side effects, I decided to try to heal my autoimmune disease through nutrition.   


I'd had experience practicing proper nutrition but

had never directly applied "food as medicine" to my autoimmune disease. I finally got serious.  began extensive research on the immune system, hypothyroidism, and how nutrition might be able to heal it. After five months, my Hashimoto’s disease healed  naturally  without  pharmaceuticals.


Food is my medicine.


Since that time, I have helped many people heal or improve leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune disease, lethargy, depression, and other ailments. I discovered the power of nutrition for myself, and i can help anyone who is willing to give it their best.


I am a very compassionate human being with knowledge and patience. I truly care about helping people so that they can live the life they want through health, wellness, and healing body and mind. 


I provide nutrition. wellness. and stress management coaching. I have over 17 years experience in nutrition, and I also have a background as a personal trainer as well as in kinesiology. 

Consultations are conducted via Skype, video chat, or on the telephone.

Be happier, healthier, and have more energy. Let's connect and get you on the road to health!


Let’s change your life too!
Matthew Collette

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