Motivation and Determination

I will give you the tools necessary on how to stay motivated and determined, as well as when you are getting sidetracked and getting frustrated. One major key to success regarding overall health is self worth and non judgment.   

The right nutrition for human beings

I will educate you on the various food groups and which nutritional choices are best for human beings and why. I will also teach you how to create a nutritional profile specific to your goals and needs.


You will learn how foods can lift your mood. I will also teach you how to relax your central nervous system naturally through breathing, meditation, and more. I will also teach you visualization  techniques  that  can  help you sleep better at night as well  as  reduce anxiety.

Reduce or Eliminate Auto-immune Disease

You will learn how to help decrease symptoms and heal in many cases all autoimmune disease. I had suffered from hypothyroidism a long time ago, and through proper nutrition I was able to eliminate and heal my hypothyroidism. Since that time I have helped many people heal multiple autoimmune disorders.




Cure or Improve Leaky Gut Syndrome

The biggest factor in leaky gut syndrome is what you eat. You will learn how meat, dairy, and processed foods are not the best choices for human bodies.



Help Prevent Allergies

You will learn why mucus is the main cause of most allergies as well as disease. I will work with you on how to help you construct a healthy nutritional profile to prevent allergies.

Weight Loss

You will learn how to lose weight the healthy way, as well as the importance and the role of electrolytes, proper rest, recovery, and how to eliminate unhealthy cravings. I will also give you good tips on exercise that can be implemented into your daily lifestyle.

Better Digestion

You will learn the healing benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables.You will also learn how to read labels and which ingredients you want to avoid. I will also talk to you about fasting and the benefits of fasting.

Cleansing the body of toxins

You will learn the importance of maintaining an alkaline diet and why an acidic diet is not healthy.  

Increased Energy

You will learn which types of foods increase immune function, boost metabolism, increase circulation, and also reduce inflammation.

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