Testimonials from Clients

Giovanna Estocin

Long Beach, California

Giovanna Estocin 

Owner of G-Spa Massage Clinic, Long Beach, CA


Matthew practices what he Educates.  Due to his nutritional lifestyle changes, he has improved his health and is one of the most passionate people that I know.


He is extremely professional, thorough and reliable. I’m a bodyworker and know the importance of nutrition and wellness and I would highly recommend Matthew to take you on the Wellness Journey. 

Dave Romero

Seal Beach, California

My name is Dave Romero. I have known Matthew Collette for the past 8 years. He is my neighbor and friend. I live a healthy lifestyle. I eat clean and I work out on a regular basis. Throughout these years I have conferred with Matt regarding my diet. Matt is a wealth of knowledge in this subject, and my family and I have benefited from the information he provides us. He is honest and is sincere, and the information he shares is extremely valuable.Thank you Matt for your friendship and your professional knowledge. 

Paige Bartholomew

Austin, Texas

I've  been  working  with Matthew for over a year. I have Lyme Disease and my symptoms were so bad I was in bed for two years. Matt taught me how to juice and it made such a difference in my  relief and energy levels. If you're sick, or you're not feeling "yourself", give yourself the gift of  MATTHEW COLLETTE!  He  is very  well  educated  and  walks  his  talk. If  you're on the fence - I  say  GO FOR  IT!

Mark Meyer

New York City

Matthew Collette’s knowledge of  health, wellness, and nutrition far surpasses those of others in his field. Personally he’s been able to help me think about my diet and change my habits. In doing so I've increased the quality of my life and now I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. I can’t recommend working  with  Matthew  more!

Christopher Roman

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Since being on the plant-based diet for a couple of months I have never missed the meat and dairy products. There are so many delicious foods that can take their place while improving your energy levels and well-being. Matthew has taught me and educated me on healthier nutrition choices to improve the quality of my life. You don't have to be an evangelist about a plant based diet, but you will certainly feel this spreading the good news.

Linda Thompson

Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

Working full time, raising two young boys and having an intense weekly running schedule I have consulted Matthew on a number of occasions to assist me with meeting my nutritional needs for a busy and active lifestyle. His in depth knowledge about nutrition and healthy eating  has enabled me to understand the importance and necessity of proper nutrition required for optimal health and fitness in my daily life. I highly recommend Matthew Collette if you are seeking nutritional advice and support for a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Roland Torres

Rossmoor, California

Matthew has been working with me on my sciatic nerve pain for some time now. He showed me some exercises to improve the  pain after a long plane ride. He has also introduced me to juicing, which  has  helped  me  feel  healthier,  have  more  energy,  and   have  less  inflammation  and  pain.


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